SAMPLE - Letterpress Stars Midnight Eclipse Ceramic Soap Dish

Letterpress Stars Midnight Eclipse Ceramic Soap Dish

Handmade, using a slab technique, soap dish in a white clay body. Small letterpress stars have been imprinted on the top surface of the clay, and glazed in a variety of deep blues/blacks and orange/reds. Three holes have been added to the middle of the dish, to allow for drainage. The edges of the dish are slightly raised, so this soap dish would be best suited to a more solid bar of soap.

Approx size: 12cm x 8cm with a depth of 1.5cm.

Sample? This is a sample item. I may make small changes to the design before it goes into full production, which is why this item is slightly discounted. The item is fully functional.

Please note: all the ceramics are handmade by me, and as such will have some rustic charm about them!

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