Crescent Moon Tealight Holder with Legs - Nordic Winter - Individual

Crescent Moon Tealight Holder with Legs - Sold individually

Hand made crescent moon tealight holder, made with a slab technique, sold individually.

The crescent moon sits on three, small legs, and has a slight cut out circle to sit a tealight in (approx size 4.3cm)

Nordic Winter is available in two different glazes, please pick which one you would like from the drop down menu:
Snowy Woodland): Semi-matt off-white glaze all over, with patches of brown specks and slightly glossier creams.
Land & Sea: Semi-matt off-white glaze over half the moon, with the patches of brown and cream specks, with a glossy, icey blue on the other half, again with deep brown specks.

Please note: the moon you receive may not be the exact one in the photograph, but made to the same specifications with the same glaze combination; therefore each one will be slightly different - which I think adds to appeal!

Approx 9.5 cm x 5 cm, with a 1.5 cm height.
Was £16, now £10

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