Ceramic Moon Man Hanging Decoration - Mr Bah-Humbug

Ceramic Moon Man Hanging Decoration - Mr Bah-Humbug

Hand made decoration, in a white stoneware clay body, hand painted with a glossy, crackled fiish to the front. Brown, thick thread to hang.

Mr Bah-Humbug hates everythign about the festivities and doesn’t care who knows it. Basically, a grumpy arsehole, but who can really blame him with all the consumerist advertising shoved downn his thoat at every turn, and a threatened turkey-shortage, he’s in no mood to celebrate. He had a better time last year when he had a excuse not to visit family.

Approx 8cm with a 0.5cm depth.

(last photos are of the remaining moons which will be sent at random - please note, some of the Mr Bah-Humbugs have black writing instead of blue on the back).

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