Crescent Moon Tealight Holders with Legs 

Crescent Moon Tealight Holders with Legs (individul)

Hand made crescent moon tealight holders, made with a slab technique, sold individually. The crescent moon sits on three, small legs, and has aslight cut out circle to sit a tealight in (approx size 4.3cm)Khaki: An all over semi-matt, khaki green/brown glaze which pools into blue in places. Made with a black clay body. Feet unglazed. Black & Cream: Black, glossy glaze, which has undertones of reds and blues, with a cream circle. Made with a white clay body. Feet unglazed.
Approx 10.5 cm x 5 cm, with a 1.5 cm height.

Please note: all the ceramics are handmade by me, and as such will have some rustic charm about them!

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